AUTOR – An illustrious fair

Well … This saturday could not let but unveil a very deep sadness. I woke up and things were not the same anymore.

But I guess keeping yourself occupied works best.  And wanting to create a mini world, full of passion, can be an impulse to a lot of people. That’s what I also felt, I felt that I needed to see a bit of sunrays, hope, through the sometimes unworldly pieces of jewelry. And AUTOR was an event where you could come visit and take a journey through the stories of creation.

The 14th edition of AUTOR had a nice vibe, good people around, and a lot of talents, both local ones, Romanian designers, as well as international ones.

I photographed what I liked most from the fair, and I will present you with some unique shots of the contemporary pieces.

I will start with my favorite, can’t help it 🙂



These earrings make me dream of summer nights, of the seaside, of summer loves….



More magic on your fingers!







This green of the precious stone opens up a whole new universe.


It says: rise in love !



I thought that suddenly, I fell into an underwater world…





This is where Romanian patterns meet contemporary jewelry design.

Very well presented, I even got attached to these pieces, had a nice feel and could wear them anywhere, anytime.













p.s:In the next post, I will write about two other designers present at the fair.


In the end, I think creation is what saves us, ultimately, because this way, we can share our memories and experiences with others, and always learn to have hope.




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